Whether your brand's products or services are already being sold in China or you are just beginning to consider how to enter the market, The China Factor can help enable your company to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in this growing market.

We can coordinate market research efforts to enable better decisions about market entry, product placement, and pricing strategies critical to the success of your brand. Whether your company would like to develop its own distribution channels or license your brand name, we can assist in finding, evaluating, and monitoring local partners in China. Our knowledge of brand management enables us to advise local partners on ways to effectively build your brand in China.

At the same time, through our ongoing monitoring service we can ensure that your brand is being maintained and promoted in a way consistent with your overall objectives. The China Factor can help ensure that your marketing message and brand strategy is consistent with your global goals while enabling the most profitable China strategy.

We recognize that brand-building and brand management are key to long-term success in the China market, regardless of industry or product category. Your organization will benefit from our brand audit service by receiving an objective evaluation of your existing brand building performance and current positioning as well as a road map for improving performance in China.

Our brand audit service includes an analysis of your brand's:

» Distribution channels
» Advertising and marketing communication effectiveness
» Pricing structures
» New product development performance and opportunities
» Customer service levels across all channels

The China Factor can critically analyze your current marketing programs and make suggestions for new strategies. Our integrated approach will discern how to optimize your brand positioning and brand equity. We want to create marketing success for your brand in China.

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