We have developed, manufactured, and delivered hundreds of kinds of products for customers around the world. Because most of the items we supply are developed for specific customers, we cannot show a catalog of these proprietary products. However, this is a brief list of the key categories of products we offer.

» Bags & Luggage
» Electronic Gadgets
» Garments & Apparel
» Holiday Items
» Home Products
» Licensed Character Premiums
» Packaging
» Personal Care Products
» Point-of-Sale Displays
» Sports Equipment
» Stationery & Office Supplies
» Toys & Games

In addition to the categories above, we are constantly exploring new product areas. We like to be challenged with fresh ideas for promotional items, and so please feel free enquire about any type of product that you may need. We can assist you in developing and producing anything necessary to make your marketing program a success.

Some of our clients have rarely or never purchased products directly from China. Our goal is to make buying promotional products from overseas as simple as purchasing from a domestic supplier. However, there are some guidelines to keep in mind.

» Minimum Quantities – We generally advise that the minimum value of an order must be US$2,500, although the minimum quantity differs from product to product. There are two primary reasons for the minimum quantities. First, the logistics costs for delivering products from China include fixed costs which make delivering small quantities unfeasible. Second, there are minimum requirements for purchasing custom materials such as fabric or components.

» Delivery Timing – We will advise delivery timing with each quotation, but for most promotional products we generally deliver within 35 days if shipping by air freight or 50 days if shipping by sea freight. We normally do not carry stock of products, and so each item is produced specifically for your order. Time must also be allowed for delivery of goods from China.

» Payment Terms – Before proceeding with most orders, we require a down payment of at least 30% with the balance due upon shipment. The payment terms may vary slightly based on the customer and program, and we will advise the specific payment terms with each quotation.

Please feel free to contact us with specific questions about purchasing goods delivered from China.

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