For customers looking to find a reliable source for branded products coming from China, we offer an ideal solution. We can either sell directly to our customers or act as an agent working on their behalf. In either case, we provide innovative products at competitive pricing and consistent quality that are delivered on time.

» Manufacturing Sources – While the majority of our products are made with about twenty critical partner factories, we contact hundreds of new manufacturers every year. Our large base of contacts enables us to source a wide array of products.

» Product Expertise – We have the capability to understand customer needs and translate these into viable programs. With technical expertise in many industries – from textiles to injection molded plastics – we are able to manage the development process to achieve the best combination of innovation, quality and pricing.

» Competitive Pricing – Through our support on the ground in China, we source not only the finished product but also the components. By managing the elements that make up the product costs, we can ensure a competitive cost structure for the items we supply.

» Quality and Safety Testing – We work with internationally recognized testing agencies to ensure that our products meet the standards of customers and the markets where the goods will be sold. Rigorous compliance with safety requirements has been critical to our success.

» Product Inspection – Through the manufacturing process and after completion of production, we monitor the completion status and inspect goods to ensure on time delivery and quality. Based on established statistical sampling methods, we check all shipments before goods leave China.

» Managing Logistics – Depending on the needs of the customer, we can either deliver goods to port in China or arrange delivery. With our rates on express mail service to the United States, we can often offer very competitive pricing including delivery to door.

We have developed promotional products for some of the largest recognized brands in consumer products. Not only do customers rely on us because of our innovation, quality, pricing, and delivery, but also because of our commitment to social responsibility.

The management and staff of the China Factor support sustainability and a triple bottom line orientation. We have recognized the desire, by organizations and end consumers, for a conscientious sourcing alternative when buying products from China. In keeping with these values, we aim to always apply the following concepts.

» Dematerialize – Reduce unnecessary retail and wholesale packaging
» Source Ecologically – Work with manufacturers that strive to minimize a negative impact on the environment
» Source Responsibly – Purchase only from companies that comply with corporate social responsibility standards

We can offer you an alternative that meets your purchasing needs for marketing materials and promotional goods, but also contributes positively to the global environment.

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