The China Factor supplies branded products shipped directly from China to meet the promotional needs of organizations around the world. We also use our experience and resources to develop markets for products and services in China.

We work as your partner in China. Whether you need custom merchandise at competitive costs or you are interested in building a brand in the China market, our management team is able to help you achieve your business goals.

Through our sourcing services we offer innovative product development, consistent quality, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery. We will supply directly from China whatever branded promotional products or advertising materials are required to meet your marketing needs.

Having sourced and developed an extensive range of products, we have experience with many types of promotional goods - from small give-away items to high-end corporate gifts. In addition, we offer point-of-sale displays that help drive your marketing efforts at the retail environment. We strive to give you the tools that you need to competitively enable effective marketing programs.

Our marketing services help customers build and maintain their brands in the China market. We can assist you throughout the entire process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a distribution strategy for China.

From initial market research through the launch of your brand, we will act as you partner in ensuring that best decisions are made to support the profitability of your brand. More important, through our understanding of branding in China, we can help ensure that your local partners develop and promote the brand in a way consistent with profitability and the global goals for the brand.

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