In the global business environment, companies must do business with China to be competitive. However, working from thousands of miles away, these companies need to have a partner on the ground that they can trust. We aim to be that partner for our clients.

From our main office in Shanghai, we travel all over China and have valuable contacts in nearly every region. Through the hundreds of factories we have worked with, we have access to a wide range of products suited to diverse promotional programs. In addition, we are constantly developing new contacts and expanding our potential product offerings.

With many years of experience in supplying consumer goods, we have established systems for competitively developing products, effectively monitoring production, and rigorously ensuring compliance to quality and safety standards. Also, we are setup to be fast and flexible – solving problems and turning around programs quickly to meet tight deadlines.

The Western management team has an abundance of local China expertise. We are well positioned to use our knowledge and connections to help create opportunities for our clients. We are not just a manufacturer or distributor. Instead, we see ourselves as an operational partner assisting companies to meet their goals.

We differentiate ourselves by offering customers the following:

» Highest regard for integrity and dedication to service
» Management team with years of hands-on China business experience
» Access to a wide arrange of products to meet all types of promotional needs
» Focus on turnaround required for time-sensitive marketing programs
» Main office located in Shanghai, the heart of trading and finance in China
» Knowledge of marketing programs and building brand names
» Transparent communication and trustworthy local partnerships


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